8 Reasons Small Businesses Should Hire Veterans

8 Reasons Small Businesses Should Hire Veterans

July 10, 2023

Hiring employees is sometimes a difficult task. You may need to find employees who fit the business culture and have the skills to get the job done. The good news for small businesses looking for employees with various skills and a strong work ethic is that many veterans are looking for new jobs. A veteran may be just the type of person you are looking to hire. Here are some reasons small businesses should consider hiring a veteran.

1. Veterans Usually Have a Positive Attitude

Many veterans have a positive attitude in the workplace. Employees who look at their workplace more positively and do not view their work with negative connotations are typically more productive and efficient.1

2. Veterans Are Team-Oriented

Veterans are used to being part of a team and understand that each team member brings valuable skills to the job. They tend to be loyal to their team members and their employer. Veterans are comfortable working with various personalities.1

3. Veterans Are Trained To Be Leaders

Military training includes leadership. So, when you hire a veteran, you may have a new team member who has the ability to take charge and lead when necessary. They handle the stress that comes from leadership and also work with the varying skills levels of team members.2

4. Veterans May Have a Strong Work Ethic

When employed by the military, slacking off for the day or phoning in is unacceptable. Veterans understand that each task they are required to perform is necessary. A work task should be done to the fullest of their ability, no matter how mundane it may seem. Most work hard, are punctual, and are committed to whatever job they tackle.2

5. Veterans Are Eligible For Education Assistance

Veterans are entitled to funds for continuing education. If you have positions that may require ongoing education or the development of additional skills, a veteran may use their education funds for this type of advancement.2

6. Veterans Understand Technology

Technology is a critical component of military training. When you hire a veteran, you may get an employee who understands complicated technological procedures and IT equipment. Their knowledge may help them work with various technology and allow them to provide insight into your current IT systems.2

7. Hiring Veterans May Save You Money

The U.S. government strives to provide its veterans with employment opportunities by giving Special Employer Incentives (SEI). The SEI program allows employers to hire veterans for less. An employer may seek reimbursement for up to half of the veteran's wages if they require special supplies, equipment, or additional instruction.2

8. Businesses May Be Eligible for Tax Incentives

There are several tax incentives that businesses may take advantage of when hiring veterans. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Returning Heroes Tax Credit, and the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit are just a few that may provide incentives up to $9,600 annually.2


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